Günther Reger

Black Sun – Red Eclipse

21 October 2018 – 20 January 2019

Small Exhibition Hall

Under the title Black Sun – Red Eclipse, the artist and musician Günther Reger presents colour field painting in two rooms of the Kunstmuseum, alternating between black light and daylight. The basis of his room installations are huge canvases that cover the walls and partly also the floors of the exhibition rooms. On these canvases, the artist paints large circles or rectangles that appear three-dimensional through corresponding colour gradients. Since he additionally mixes day and night luminescent pigments with his colours, his paintings react to the change of black light and daylight with changes in colour and brightness. Through slow changes of light, which make the motifs and the space appear constantly different, the viewers experience Günther Reger’s stagings as a meditative process, which impressively shows them light as the living and ever-changing basis of our perception and our life.

Exhibition Views

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