9 April – 26. June 2016

Horst Pommerenke

Hommage to the Square (Baumarktversion)

Small Exhibition Hall

Horst Pommerenke’s (* 1954) series of paintings Hommage to the Square is an experimental arrangement on the “motif” of the square in art. Here, the Heidenheim artist uses cheap canvases on stretcher frames from the DIY store, which he paints in the style of concrete art or disassembles into their components and reassembles as pictorial objects.

The interplay between the regular compositional methods of Concrete Art and the intuitive handling of the cheap material gives rise to a series of surprising pictorial objects, which the artist calls Hommage to the Square in reference to Josef Albers’ famous series of paintings, i.e. an homage to the square with the help of cheap DIY products. With his DIY store version of Hommage to the Square, Horst Pommerenke pays homage to the grand master of the artistic experimental arrangement and at the same time demonstrates its topicality and continuing aesthetic potential.

Exhibition Views

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