Jeanette Zippel


1 July – 30 December 2018

Great Exhibition Hall

Contemporary art has been concerned with bees not only since the insect mortality. For half a century, artists have been interested in the bee colony as a sociological and ecological phenomenon beyond traditional nature romanticisms. Among them is the Heidenheim artist Jeanette Zippel, who has been dealing with the subject for three decades.

Her artistic investigations and interventions are based on scientific findings, on her own experiences as a beekeeper and on intensive aesthetic and ecological observations. In the Heidenheim retrospective, the artist provides an insight into the entire spectrum of her themes, which range from the food plants of bees, their forms of flight and communication, modes of perception, their social and spatial organisation, to their use by humans. For each theme, Jeanette Zippel develops corresponding artistic forms, for which she uses different materials, techniques and media.

However, the artist and beekeeper not only makes art about bees, but also for bees, by designing beehives and conceiving bee gardens. Especially in the gardens, she succeeds in an impressive way in bringing human visitors closer to the living world of bees and at the same time meeting the needs of the animals. She has realised such bee gardens in Stuttgart, Heidenheim, Hermannsdorf, Esslingen, Mariposa (Tenerife) and Freiburg, among other places.

Grant Exhibition Hall

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