17 March – 1 July 2018

Sabine Berr

Garden Project


Small Exhibition Hall

For two years, Sabine Berr explored the semi-overgrown garden of her small house near Munich with painterly means, directing her gaze not to the garden as a painterly motif but to its individual plants.

While painting and identifying the plants, she discovers a total of 98 different plant species, 48 of which are immigrants, i.e. weeds that are usually destroyed in well-tended gardens. Moreover, while painting, she discovers that the concrete plants rarely look as they are depicted in botany books. She discovers the world of plants not as a model typology, but as a lively juxtaposition of different plants whose individual appearances she paints again and again. Within two years, numerous variations of different motifs emerged, which Sabine Berr now presents in her exhibition.

On multi-row shelves made of narrow roof battens, she arranges the individual picture panels in groups of motifs in such a way that the overall result is a contrasting juxtaposition of different motifs. On the large wall panel, the astonishing diversity of the actually inconspicuous plants becomes just as visible as their great painterly-visual appeal.

Exhibition Views

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