3 August 2019 – 19 April 2020

Grant Exhibition Hall

On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, the Kunstmuseum Heidenheim, in cooperation with Kinder und Kunst e.V., Heidenheim’s youth art school, presents the exhibition UnterWasserWelt – Tauchfahrt im Museum from 3 Aug. 2019 to 19 April 2020.

For this purpose, the 600 sqm exhibition hall of the art museum, a former swimming hall, will be transformed into an underwater landscape, which will be closed off at the top at a height of approx. 3.50 metres by a simulated water surface. Since the extraordinary exhibition space is up to 9 metres high and has a gallery, the underwater world also includes a landscape above the surface of the sea.

The entire overwater and underwater world is made up of a multitude of individual elements. The above-water world includes a harbour with buildings, a harbour pub, etc. and the view of the sea with waves and ships. The underwater world consists of a volcano (which rises above the water surface), a cave, a coral reef and creepers. In addition, there are various marine animals, e.g. fish, shoals of fish, shellfish, snakes, jellyfish, an octopus, etc., as well as various human legacies from wreckage to plastic waste and sea cables. The highlight of the entire installation is a submarine with which visitors can surface and view the underwater landscape from different angles.

The UnderWaterWorld is designed in such a way that visitors to the exhibition can discover and experience a lot for themselves. In addition to a submarine ride, they can crawl into caves, catch fish, play shadow theatre, paint waves, buy scale shampoo, make whale music or simply watch video clips – in short, they can explore and conquer the underwater world.

All elements of the UnderWaterWorld were conceived by artists and realised together with children, young people and trainees. In the courses of Kinder und Kunst e. V., in several school projects and in the training centre of Voith GmbH, more than 200 participants worked together creatively in about 30 individual projects. According to the different age groups, the individual elements are different and individually designed: There are objects made by children, the submarine skilfully produced by trainees and slightly abstracted figures, animals and videos by young people as well as sophisticated landscape elements conceived and realised by the participating artists themselves.

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