Landscapes from the Collection

21 November 2021 — 6 March 2022

Small Gallery Space

While the exhibition “Growing Forms” focuses on current artistic approaches towards nature, the exhibition “Waldeslust” takes a look at landscape depictions from the Kunstmuseum’s collection.

When looking into the museum depot, one can easily tell that landscape painting has long had a high status in the Brenz region. Local painters captured the nature around Heidenheim with great passion. They were fascinated above all by the seasonal changes in the unique nature, which they depicted either quite naturalistically or in a late impressionistic, later also with a more expressive style.

Artists such as Karl Preiss, Otto Neubrand or Hermann Schöllhorn met the public’s taste with their depictions, which might also be an explanation for the impressive continuity of the subject. For seven decades, numerous similar works can be found in the collection. It is striking that even in the 1930s and 1940s there was no interruption, as landscape paintings depicting the German homeland were hardly considered politically captious.

More abstract landscape views are increasingly found in the collection around 1980, including works by Yasu Eguchi, Linde King-Lichtwer and Helmut Fleischle.

In the more recent past, the Kunstmuseum’s collection has concentrated more on photographic positions, as evidenced in the exhibition with Thomas Struth and Anna and Bernhard Blume.

With works by:

Anna und Bernhard Blume, Eugen Bracht, Otto Dix, Yasu Eguchi, Helmut Fleischle, Gustav Illenberger, Linde King-Lichtwer, Gisela Krayer, Rolf Nesch, Otto Neubrand, Fritz Osswald, Hermann Schöllhorn, Hans Schweiger, Thomas Struth, Rudolf Thelen

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