Thomas Raschke & Andreas Welzenbach


14 November 2020 – 2 May 2021

Grant Exhibition Hall

The sculptors Thomas Raschke and Andreas Welzenbach, who were both born in East Württemberg and have returned there after a long absence, deal in their installation with the Swabian Alb as a living space and source of artistic inspiration. To this end, they transform the large exhibition hall of the Kunstmuseum Heidenheim, a former swimming pool, into an abstract landscape ensemble with the help of movable walls, inverted prefabricated pond shells and replica electricity pylons, which suggest the two defining elements of the Alb as a living space – nature and the settlements shaped by industry. They insert their sculptures, which could hardly be more different, into this landscape: Andreas Welzenbach works as a “classical” wood sculptor in a lifting process in which he saws and carves his figures from the trunk, while Thomas Raschke soldered his sculptures from wires or glued them together from cardboard. Both, however, are united by their representational visual language and a fair amount of ironic distance from their motifs, be they typical pastoral idylls (Welzenbach) or industrial buildings and vehicles (Raschke).

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Andreas Welzenbach und Thomas Raschke

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