Anna Herrgott


17 July — 30 October 2022

Grand Exhibition Hall

In her first institutional solo exhibition, Anna Herrgott is showing a selection of her diverse work at the Kunstmuseum Heidenheim.

Anna Herrgott’s artistic work revolves around the concept and ideas of beauty. At the centre of her artistic interest are ideals disseminated by the fashion and film industries. Thus, we are constantly confronted with perfect images that we are supposed to emulate, but which can never be achieved. The result is a constant desire to change and optimise potentially every part of the body.

Herrgott already makes the internalised desirable images clear and looks for strategies to satirise or deconstruct them. Thus, the models on fashion magazines are replaced by unadorned, real images or charged with political messages.

The works of the artist from Rhineland-Palatinate are characterised by precision craftsmanship and subtle humour. A recurring motif is that of the mirror.

With this exhibition, the Kunstmuseum builds a bridge to the work show “Spieglein, Spieglein…” in the large temporary exhibition hall and adds another facet to it, namely that of the (critical) self-image.

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