Growing Forms

In easy language

21 november 2021 — 6 march 2022

Have you ever put a seed in the ground? Has a plant grown out of the soil at some point? It’s fun to observe that. Artists are also enthusiastic about it. That has always been the case. Even today. But there is a difference to the past. In the past, painters mainly painted pictures. With a single painting, you can’t very well show how a plant grows. Because it changes every day. But a painting does not.

Fortunately, art today can look quite different. In the exhibition at the Kunstmuseum you can see real mushrooms and mosses. Artists have collected them. They change during the exhibition. But nature is not always beautiful. Sometimes it can also be unpleasant. For example, when something moulds. But mould is also important. It feeds on wood, fruit and vegetables. Only in this way can new soil develop. And from this, new plants can grow again. This is called a cycle. So growing and decaying belong together.

You can discover many things in the exhibition. For example, if you put a stone in acid, it dissolves. You can also get the colours out of a flower. Then it is completely white. The artists want us to think about nature. And that’s a lot of fun, but it can also be a little disgusting.

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Here are some images of the show

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